The Espresso Mobile story

With over 60 state of the art Espresso Mobile Cafe units throughout Australia and New Zealand, Espresso Mobile Cafe is the leading mobile cafe company and one of the fastest growing franchise systems in the world.

Established in 2002, Grant Willard, CEO of Espresso Mobile Cafe built the first mobile unit, which was tried and tested for over 12 months, then in late 2003 Espresso Mobile franchised its first unit and went into production. Our proven franchise system continues to experience strong growth and market recognition in the franchise world.

From the custom sprayed Mercedes Vito van right down to the hospital grade material that lines the interior, Espresso Mobile vans are of the highest quality, exceeding all the statutory requirements of the Australian Standards legislation.

The long road forward has seen us constantly improve our mobile units which has maintained us as the market leader. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and will always strive to be the best with our commitment to excellence.

Espresso Mobile has quickly developed the reputation as the market leader in the mobile cafe industry. From the outset we established a strong partnership with our gourmet coffee roaster, "Danes" and we have reaped the benefit of the growth of Danes as a provider of outstanding coffee in the ever-growing coffee market. Danes has been the host of the Grand Barista championships for the last 4 years and has trained 2 out of the 3 world barista champions over the last 5 years.